Binary Sensations | Poems


Let the mind roam free

The Bard

Many of these poems record
what I'm seeing in my mind,
sometimes it's the places I love,
sometimes I'm recording my own history.
-- with much poetic lisence I confess.

Poetry is so much about the writer,
perhaps selfishly but hopefully enjoyed by others.

Reading List

  • Blue Wren.pdf
  • Dont go there.pdf
  • Ah Chees.pdf
  • Awakening.pdf
  • Cape Deslacs.pdf
  • The Three Oclock Bus.pdf
  • Polling Day in our Village.pdf
  • Ballard of a Walker.pdf
  • The Currawong.pdf
  • The Salt Pans of Lime Bay.pdf
  • Salters Point.pdf
  • Ten Years and Counting.pdf
  • Gull.pdf
  • PS I never could ski like this.pdf
  • Little Acts of Kindness.pdf
  • Dance of Death.pdf
  • Newdegate St.pdf
  • The Village Pharmacy.pdf
  • Estuary.pdf
  • Ode to a Four Wheel Driver.pdf
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